Vehicles for Change

The Squeaky Wheel was established in 2013 as the formal expression of a grass roots program of community engagement.

We knew that riding a bike improved physical health, mental health, community health and the health of the environment.  We knew that it generated prosperity, made transport more accessible, cities more liveable and roads more loveable. And yet, in Melbourne, at the time of establishment, just 2% of trips were taken by bike. We established The Squeaky Wheel as a vehicle to change this. See below the bones of our strategy.

Vision: Bike riding is a symbol and function of a healthy, creative and happy place

Mission: To keep Melbourne's bike cultures positive & celebratory                  


  • Belongs to you (the community) non member-based, non exlcusive.
  • Responsive to all bike riders, present & future
  • Creative at heart
  • Holistic approach – the personal, social, environmental, health and urban co-benefits of bike riding
  • Reframing/reshaping the bike culture – to be the so called 'Squeaky Wheel' signalling attention


  • To expand and celebrate bicycle culture
  • To help all members of the community ride more often for transport
  • To be a leader and innovator in bicycle promotion
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