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Share Our Streets - Shared Spaces


In a city like ours with close to a million people passing through it everyday, things are gonna get BUSY. How we deal with the busy can make the difference between a good day and a frustratingly, irritatingly, just get OUT OF MY WAY day. Mmm, which reality do you want to live in? 

The City of Melbourne are actually quite interested in what kind of day you, and other 999,999 people have, and to this end they are rolling our the SHARE OUR STREETS - SHARED SPACES program. 

This year's program is going to run throughout March, and will invite you to make a pledge to contribute to a harmonious road environment.

Come and visit and get a FREE COFFEE or ICECREAM at the following locations.

Tuesday 15 March: Harbour Esplanade, morning

Wednesday 16 March: Southbank Spillway, afternoon

Thursday 17 March: Harbour Esplanade, morning

Tuesday 22 March: Southbank Spillway, afternoon

Wednesday 23 March: Southbank Spillway, afternoon

Thursday 24 March: Harbour Esplanade, morning

Share Our Streets - Shared Spaces



Southbank ,

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