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Pushy Women Training - Yarra

So you know how to ride a bike, but you never actually ride? If you've got basic bike riding skills but not the confidence to use them, then Pushy Women training is for you!

Kick off your spring with the skills and confidence to make this the year you join the legions of Melbourne bike riders! We're thrilled to be able to present the final of our 2016 Pushy Women Training series for the City of Yarra on Sunday October 15th! 

Pushy Women is a sociable and friendly training program for women who know how to ride but don't have the confidence to use their bikes regularly. 

In this two and a half hour session you'll get to know a group of fabulous local women just like yourself, all while honing the skills you need to safely get around by bike.

As it is an afternoon session we will kick off with free coffee at Green Park Dining sharing our bike stories. From there we will move on into a traffic-free environment and practise all the basic bike skills you need to safely move onto the roads. There'll be plenty of time to ask questions in a supportive and friendly group. Moving on to some quiet local roads we'll learn how to use the bike lane confidently, navigate roundabouts, make hook turns, confidently choose our position on the road and safely get across intersections. 

We'll be finishing again at Green Park Dining where we can debrief the ride and discuss what to do when you have a mechanical, route planning around the City of Yarra and further afield, and road rules and there'll be plenty of time to answer questions as they come up, whether they're about bicycles, accessories, riding at night or finding friends to ride with. You'll also get to meet the guys from Velo Cycles who will be answering all of your bike-shop related questions!

The Pushy Women Yarra training session is on Sunday October 15th at 2pm in Fitzroy. Suitable for women who have a bicycle and are able to ride a bike but wish to improve their confidence. All participants must be over 12 years old and any under 16 MUST be accompanied by a guardian who is also enrolled on the course. The course will be conducted in a traffic-free environment and on roads.

Thanks to the City of Yarra this session is free but you MUST register! 


Participants must bring their own bicycle, helmet and water bottle. 


Pushy Women Training - Yarra



Green Park, ,
815 Nicholson Street,
North Carlton,

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