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Pushy Women Learning #1


You haven't ridden a bike in a while? You don't have much experience or don't feel comfortable riding in traffic? You want some fun while you get back on your bike with a crew of likeminded women? 

The Squeaky Wheel, Catherine Deveny and her Pushy Women are here to help!  Pushy Women learning is a gentle introduction to the world of riding that will leave you invigorated and inspired to keep your wheels in motion. The 2.5hr introductory session includes:

  • FREE COFEEE on arrival (tres important) from St Ali North
  • Free bicycle tune up and fitting session from Velo Cycles
  • A story sharing session lead by our Pushy Woman host
  • Instruction on basic maintenance (ie - how to determine if your bike is safe to ride, and when it's time to take it to the bike shop for some love)
  • A very short ride down the Capital City Trail off road path to a private training space
  • A one hour lesson covering balance, braking, riding one handed (for signalling) changing gears, slow riding, starting and stopping 
  • Tips and rules for riding in traffic including how to navigate intersections, roundabouts, car doors, trams (and tram tracks!)
  • High fives all round
  • A ride back to St Ali North for a delicious lunch if you care

Best of all, if you aren't able to transport or ride a bike to our starting point, the good folk at Velo will hire one to you for the whole day for the discount rate of $20. 

Fee: $15 (+30Ct booking fee) // including a cup of delicious free St Ali coffee on arrival
Bike hire: $20 contact robert@velocycles.com.au at least 4 days before the session. 


This introductory/refresher sessions is supported by the City of Yarra and designed to welcome women in a non-sporting, social environment + to show them how easy and fun it is to ride to a destination up to 7km away. 

Pushy Women Learning #1



St Ali North,
815 Nicholson St,
Carlton North 3054,

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