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Sisters are doing it for themselves...


You don't have to be related to appreciate the special bonds of sisterhood. Every woman has a woman in their life that is privy to our deepest desires, the first to hear good (and bad!) news, someone who knows just when we need to be parked on the couch with a cup of tea, packet of tim tams and the remote control. 

This Sunday we are calling on all sisters to call upon their sisters to spend an afternoon out on the treadlie. Our Mother/Daughter/Sisterhood ride is curated especially to celebrate the bonds between women, and will leave you even more appreciative of that special woman in your life, or perhaps introduce a new one!


The day begins at Gasworks Arts Park (site of the recent Pushy Women South extravaganza) and takes in stops at the Port Phillip Mussel Festival, St Ali Cafe (with a free coffee), a stop in the park learning some helmet ready hairstyles from Braiding with Theresa and finishing up with a beach cruise and some sparkling (provided) to reflect the sparkle in each others eyes.

Mussels, sparkling, coffee and playing with our hair. Oh yes. 

Who needs friends when you've got sisters?

Tickets $15




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