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She Spoke


The good people at the City of Port Phillip are amongst the most proactive and dedicated bunch we've come across in promoting and facilitating new experiences of bike riding.

Given the decidedly female slant of the Squeaks, we are very attuned to the special circumstances that encourage or discourage women to ride, and also how few opportunities there have been for women to educate themselves in a supportive environment.

So we couldn't have been happier than to partner up with our seaside buddies who have gone OVER AND ABOVE to celebrate women's bike riding through the She Spoke: Southside Women on Wheels series, which includes a number of Squeaky Wheel produced rides and events.  You'll learn, laugh, explore, meet new people, see new places and best of all, you won't have to organise any of it yourself, the work has all been done for you.  So there's never been a better time to dust of that treadlie and dip your toe into the world of opportunity that awaits.

View the full program and check out the great video below.

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