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Cyclehack Melbourne

2.5 Days, 4 speakers, dozens of ideas. Building ideas to make cycling better for all. 

Cyclehack Melbourne was staged over 3 days from 20 - 22 June 2014. The event brought people together to come up with ideas that solve the barriers to cycling and build them in under48 hours. Cyclehack was also run in several other cities – Glasgow, Hamburg, San Fransisco, Kuala Lumpur, Philadelphia, Bristol, check out the global site to see what kinds of outcomes were created. 

Melbourne Cyclehack kicked off with a social networking event including presentations by four locals  with a expert perspective on solving design problems. 
Anthony Aisenberg, Founder & Director, Crowdspot
Alice Lewis, Founder/Designer, Night Brigade
Mark Strachan, Lecturer, Industrial Design and Product Design Engineering, Swinburne University
Pip Carroll, Founder & Executive Director, The Squeaky Wheel

Following this, we all headed to Swinburne University's Design Factory for a weekend focusing on designing, forming ideas and creating prototypes that could be implemented into a city environment. The enrolled participants were assisted by facilitators and mentors including:

Faith Hunter, Editor, Treadlie Magazine
Damon Rao, Transport Planner, The City of Melbourne
Danielle Madeley, Engineer, software developer and bike mechanic
Carl Turner, Design Lecturer/mentor at Swinburne Design Factory
Joakim Eriksson, Lecturer and Coach at Swinburne University of Technology

Check out the stream at  @CyclehackMLB or use the hashtag #cyclehack

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