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Cargo Bike Family Picnic

Happy Cargo Bike Riding in the City of Port Phillip - image courtesy of Laura Beilby

Happy Cargo Bike Riding in the City of Port Phillip - image courtesy of Laura Beilby

Fun to see all the amazing ways to fill Melbourne cargo bikes: small people, best friends, boom boxes, coffee machines, ice cream - all popping out of the versatile box bike! And even better to notice the confident rider navigating the city streets with their load ... and a smile!

If you haven't come across trying one of the many wheelie useful bikes or want to catch up with other cargo bike friends - Here's your chance to meet riders, suppliers and like minded within a sweet Sunday picnic scenery and to have a go at maneuvering your favourite freight around Edwards Park.

Thanks to the City of Port Phillip and as part of the She Spoke - Southside Women on Wheels program, some of Melbourne's finest cargo bike providers are coming together to introduce us to their way of getting around: Try your current or explore your new skills in a test ride obstacle course or settle down on a picnic blanket and watch the riders looping around, while the little ones get their faces painted. 

FREE event, Sunday 27 Apr 11am-2pm - Sign up to let us know you're coming  

Congrats if this is your choice of pedalling around town already: be the first cargo bike family to arrive and get a FREE family serve from The Rolling Scoops, cargo bike delivered artisan organic milk ice-cream. 


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She Spoke - Southside Women on Wheels - Three months of rides, workshops and special events celebrating women on bikes is presented by the City of Port Phillip.


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