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How safe it feels to ride is a huge factor in determining how likely people are to choose to use their bicycle when getting around the city and their local community. And we firmly believe that everyone should be able to confidently use their bike to access their local community and everything it offers. So we've teamed up with CrowdSpot to develop the BikeSpot project; a unique bike safety project crowdsourcing perceptions of safety amongst riders, and would-be-riders, in Melbourne. 


Launched at the Sustainable Living Festival last weekend with a Forum examining perceptions of safety and their impact on riders, BikeSpot is supported by more than twelve local government areas in Melbourne.  

BikeSpot will run for three months, collecting rider's and would-be-rider's feedback, after which our partnering councils will receive reports on the data collected in their area and comparisons between this data on rider's perception of safety and actual crash data statistics for the same areas. 

Local government areas supporting BikeSpot include; City of Port Phillip, City of Yarra, City of Moreland, Maribyrnong City Council, City of Melbourne, City of Moonee Valley, City of Boroondarra, Frankston City, Brimbank City Council, City of Stonnington, Wyndham City and Bayside City Council. 

The BikeSpot project is enabled by a TAC Community Road Safety Grant. You can check out the website here and also find us on Facebook






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